Character DLC

Cyberomance Character DLC

DLC : means "downloadable content," and refers to features in video games that are downloaded separately from the main game. DLC can include extra items.

.Pak File : .pak file extensions include cyberomance files that are part of the game but are packaged separately. These can be a simple props, but these can be characters or whole maps as well. These must always be copied to Game folder/Clean/Content/Paks/.

DazToUnreal : these folder contain the json character files, which contain basic information about the character. Such as the Morph Vertex Coordinates, the character texture locations etc. These must always be copied to Game folder/Clean/Content/.

How to DLC Characters ingame

Ingame Preset Character DLC

Texture Browser : here you will find the textures added to your games that you can add to the material instances.

Select Texture : this should be used if you want to add a texture in the game.

Browse Texture : this should be used if you want to add a texture from the windows

Usefull Guide

F4 - if you are on a map and would like to add one of the preset characters, open the Editor Panel (F4). You can find the characters in the left panel (Browser Panel). The preset characters are there, under the second sub button.

Note : the Editor Panel is always on the last selected character, if you want to swap, select another character from the scene. If you get lost on the map, press F to return to the selected character.