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Cyberomance Mod Kit

What is the Modkit? How to download? How to use it?

What is the CR ModKit?


The Cyberomance modkit contains all the tools, projects, and more you might need to modify the game. It will be continuously developed in parallel with the game. It's still an early version, pretty raw and not yet user friendly, but it works. The problem here is the same as with the game physics, that the upcoming Unreal Engine 5 could change a lot, so fine-tuning would be a waste of time at the moment.

How to Download

You must first visit our Patreon website and you must have a tier two modder subscription : Modder Kit Download

Download and extract (Winrar or Winzip) the modkit. You need to get a :   

  • modkit

  • Content Hierarchy Examples

  • Plugins Backup

  • Profiles


Modkit - How to Install and Start

The modkit contains an Unreal project with the necessary plugins. Through this we will be able to pack and create DLC what you want.

Once you have unpacked the Modkit project rar, you need to get this. Open Clean.exe if you already have Unreal Engine.


After you open it you need to get a "Select Unreal Engine Version" panel. Select engine version 4.26 and press OK.

Now 2 things can happen. It can start without problem or not...The first start may take a long time. If the project started for you, then you are done. Now you can skip the following steps. Scroll down to the Modkit Hierarchy and follow the tutorials.

If the project is not started, please follow the next steps...


In the next step, the Unreal project will try to start, but will not be able to because of the plugins.


Unreal Project will ask you this in the next step :

Missing Clean Modules. Would you like to rebuild them now?

Here you select Yes

Now 2 things can happen. Can the project build itself or not. It depends on your PC config how different your CPU and GPU are from the machine on which it was created.


If you are lucky, the project can build itself without any problems. Now you are done...

...if it can't, you need a Visual Studio


Note : only do this next steps if the project could not start and you already have a Visual Studio 2019 or above !


Delete : Clean.sln

Right click on the Clean.exe

Select : Generate Visual Studio project files

Now you ll get a new Clean.sln

Open it with Visual Studio

Note : If you cant see these options after you installed the Visual Studio you must restart the Windows.

After opening the Visual Studio with Clean.sln, you need to get this panel.


The right side of the screen is important to you. You can find your Modkit "Clean" Project here under the Games folder.

Select and right click on it


After the right clicked on the Clean folder you ll get this panel.

What’s important to you from here is the Build and the Rebuild.

Press the Build and let it run. If you don't get any error messages after it is done, you can close the Visual Studio and start the Modkit Unreal project.

Note : This may take a while. Warning messages are not important just the Error messages.

...use rebuild only when nothing can start...


Modkit -  Content Hierarchy Examples


Hierarchy is very important, this is the only way for the game's user interface to find packaged assets. Always use these examples for reference. These must be copied to Your Modkit project folder / Plugins / DLCSystem / Content  

Never delete or overwrite them because Unreal delete them sometimes and you will have to copy them again.

I suggest you always copy only the hierarchy you are currently working on and delete it if you change category.

For example : if you want to bring a dildo into the game, just copy the Props/Adult/Small hierarchy to your Project / Plugins / DLCSystem / Content  folder.

Note : Detailed examples and tutorials will be available under the Cyberomance Create Mods topic.


Modkit -  Plugins Backup

This is the same as the Plugins folder in the Modkit project.

Note : Which may be interesting that if you install the DazToUnreal bridge from Daz Central, it may overwrite your DazToUnreal folder on the Modkit project. After Daz bridge installation is done, just overwrite your Modkit project Plugins folder with our DazToUnreal folder from PluginsBackup

Note : Detailed examples and tutorials will be available under the Cyberomance Create Mods topic.


Modkit -  Profiles

These are our different DLC packaging profiles for the Unreal Engine. You need to copy these to your Unreal Engine. Enter the installation path where you installed it and copy them under this hierarchy :



Note : Default Unreal Engine installation patch :

C/Program Files/Epic Games/UE_4.26/Engine/Programs/UnrealFrontend/Profiles/


Now you have CR Modkit. Once everything is done and the project is can running, you can create mods for the game. Follow the tutorials on the previous page (Modder Requirements page)

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