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Before you start

... Before you start packing, make sure your Modkit project is set to RHI 12 and Ray Tracing is turned on.

This is important because
RTX processes materials and lights differently. If you don’t take over, the game may freeze/crash or not load the packaged stuff materials.


This can slow down your Modkit project, but after packing you can switch back to RHI 11 and turn off Ray Tracing, just don't forget to turn them back on before the next pack, but if your config can handle it, leave it on RHI 12 and RTX by default

Open Edit / Project Settings...


Type RHI in the search bar.

Set Default RHI to DirectX 12


Type Ray in the search bar.

Thick/Activate Ray Tracing

Restart your Modkit project



Return to the Tips page to follow the tutorials.

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