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tutorial - daz hair import

How to import your Daz Hairs into Cyberomance

Tutorial - Daz hair Export


How to export your Daz Hairs from Daz Studio

Open your Daz Studio and your Modkit project.


Add a Genesis 8.1 Female character and apply your hair to it. The hair should be in the character hierarchy, not next to it. Delete the eyelashes and Tear from the character hierarchy. Select Daz hair and apply the brightest material on it.

Important : always apply the brightest material on it. Required for the color wheel of the game.


Before you start, make sure that in your Modkit project the RTX is turned on and the RHI is set to 12.: Tutorial

On the top right open these drop down menu

and select  : Assets / Transfer Utility...

Note : the hair should be selected

  • Source : Genesis 8.1 Female

  • Target : Your Daz Hair

  • Project Template : Hair / Shoulder Length Hair


  • On the bottom right select Parameters.

  • Select you Daz Hair in it.

  • Set Fit to Mode to Auto Follow Transforms


On the top left select :

File / Send To / Daz To Unreal

  • Add Asset Name.

  • Must be Skeletal Mesh.

  • Thick Enable Morphs

  • Open Choose Morphs

  • Morph Groups : Select Actor under your Genesis 8.1 Female. The Actor category includes all the character morphs you need for your hairs. /Fullybody, Body, Head/

  • Morphs in Groups : It lists all the morphs that can be found under Actor category. Select all (Ctrl+A). Press Add For Export.

  • Morphs to Export : Here you can find the morphs you added to the export. These will be applied to your Daz hair.



Check Enable Morphs is on then press Accept.

Exporting from Daz and Importing to Unreal can take a long time if you have a lot of morphs.


Note / Important :


  • Always open your Modkit project as well. Daz to Unreal is a live bridge, if both programs are not open, Daz Hair will not go through.

  • Always apply the brightest material on your Daz Hair. Required for the color wheel of the game. If you send with dark material, you will not be able to change the color in th Cyberomance until you remove the diffuse color texture, but it may contain a hair card so you loose it.

  • Auto Follow Transform can follow the character morphs up to a certain level but there is limitations, so you have to copy the character morphs on your Daz hairs and clothes. Cyberomance activate these morphs after you put your hair or clothes on your custom character. The character name must match exactly the full body morph name on the Hair or the Cloth (With prefixes). In live build it doesn't work yet (Alpha 1.0 16/02/2022), but will be in it next.


Tutorial - Daz hair Import

How to import your Daz Hairs to Unreal Modkit Project

  • Delete _Anim and _PhysicsAsset

  • Press Save All

  • Make DLC hierarchy under the       DLCSystem Content folder :


AlphaWardrobe / Hairs / Daz / Short /


Move your hair folder to the DLC hierarchy.

Note : Always is Move to, not copy

Move your hair one folder up to the Short category. The hair should be next to it's own folder in the Short category.


Select your Hair Materials folder.

Open your Hair Base Material.

Reduces the Base Material panel size to see the Content Browser.

In the Material menu on the right, scroll down to the General section. Here you need to replace the current Parent BaseHairMaterial with our IrayUberBaseMaterial.


click on the magnifying glass icon under the BaseHairMaterial parent material, it will take you to where it is in the Content Browser. Find the IrayUberBaseMaterial here.

Replace the BaseHairMaterial with IrayUberBaseMaterial. Simple Drag and Drop


Select your Hair folder.

Open Filters / Materials & Textures and select the  Material Instance.


Select your Hair folder.

Press the Material Instance filter.

Select all Hair Material Instance and the Hair base material as well.

All material pass and value must be enabled on them if you want it to work in the game with the material editor.

Python : Press 0 to open the console command.

On the console open the drop down menu and switch from Cmd to Python.

Select each Material Instance again.


Copy/Paste this Python command and press enter :

Python Tutorials can be found here : Python Script


Open all material instances and most importantly the Base hair material as well. If you run the Python script well, all passes are activated except 4 pass in the Global Static Switch Parameter category. You must check / activate these manually on each Material Instance.

Press Save All. Select the Short folder and import an icon / thumbnail next to the Hair. Copy / Paste your Hair name and add Tex_ prefix to the picture, so this will have a thumbnail in the game

Tex_Your Hair Name

Open Window / Project Launcher. Launch the DLC package. When it is done, move the DLC .pak file from the Modkit DLC folder to the Game Paks folder.


Here is the path to the Modkit DLC .pak file.

Modkit project / Plugins / DLCSystem / Saved /

StageBuilds / WindowsNoEditor / Clean /

Plugins / DLCSystem / Content /

Paks / WindowsNoEditor.

You can rename your dlc.pak file.

Move it to your :

Game / Clean / Content / Paks folder.

Note : You can create your own folder structures under the Paks folder.


..if you did everything right, you will find your hair in the right place on the User Interface. This should work with both our characters and a custom imported characters as well.


Return to the Modding page to follow the tutorials.

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