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tutorial - daz Poses and animations import

How to import your Daz Poses and Animations into Cyberomance

Tutorial - Daz Poses and Animations Export


How to export your Daz Poses and Animations from Daz Studio. Before you start, I suggest you complete these preparations : Tutorial

Make sure that in your Modkit project the RTX is turned on and the RHI is set to 12.: Tutorial

  • Open your Daz Studio and Modkit project.

  • Load a Genesis 8.1 Female character.

  • Delete Eyelashes and Tear.

  • Select a character and load a pose or animation

  • Open File / Send to / Daz To Unreal.

Asset Name : Rename your asset. This will be the name of your pose or anim. Always rename these, and be careful not to enter the same name twice, as this may overwrite.

Asset Type : Switch to Animation. Be sure to set this before each export.


Enable Morphs : Unthick

You do this steps one by one with each poses / animations we want to Export.

Switch to your Modkit project. Select DazToUnreal folder then delete the folders created by the poses and animations during import.

You can find your poses and animations under the DazToUnreal / Animation folder.


Select your imported poses and animations then right click on them.

Open Retarget Anim Assets / Duplicate Anim Assets and Retarget


This retarget feature required preparation of the Modkit project : Tutorial

Select Skeleton : Here you can find the skeletons from the Modkit.

Source : Here is the Skeletal Mesh with which the selected poses / animations are compatible.

Target : Here you can see the Skeletal Mesh to which you want to convert the selected poses and animations.

Select Genesis8FemaleSkeleton (Path /DazToUnreal) then press Retarget


You will find your retargeted poses / animations at

the root of the Content folder.


Create a DLCSystem hierarchy :

Poses / Female / your folder name

Move your poses / anims to your folder.

Import thumbnails and rename them to match the names of the corresponding poses with Tex_ prefix.

Example : Tex_001_2

Screenshot_47.png the same with your folder

Press Save All


Open Window / Project Launcher. Launch the DLC package. When it is done, move the DLC .pak file from the Modkit DLC folder to the Game Paks folder.


Here is the path to the Modkit DLC .pak file.

Modkit project / Plugins / DLCSystem / Saved /

StageBuilds / WindowsNoEditor / Clean /

Plugins / DLCSystem / Content /

Paks / WindowsNoEditor.

You can rename your dlc.pak file.

Move it to your :

Game / Clean / Content / Paks folder.

Note : You can create your own folder structures under the Paks folder.

Open your Cyberomance and test your DLC.


Return to the Modding page to follow the tutorials.

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