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Daz - Prepare characters

Prepare your Daz genitals to the Cyberomance game


Daz - Prepare

...Before you get started, you need to make the Daz characters compatible with the characters in the Cyberomance, if you want the imported characters to work the same as the existing ones.

First step, you will need these Daz genitals. These can be purchased, for example, at or you can get it in other ways...


Important ! only these versions are correct

If you have the genitals, you still need to add our Daz Scripts. Download the Scripts from here :


Open the Daz Studio. Locate the genitals. In the left panel, next to Files, select Products. Below this, select the Anatomy menu from the hierarchy.

You can find the genitals here. 

Open them and find the base mesh (Attachment). Switch to the info page in the lower left corner, where you will find a link to the files in the windows. Open it and overwrite the Dson file there with our custom Genitalia scripts


These scripts added additional bones to the genitals. Now lets check it. Go back to the Daz. You may need to restart it first.


Add any Daz Genesis 8 or 8.1 characters to the scene. Select it than Attach Genital from the Anatomy Hierarchy. 

Now select the Attached genital from the Scene. You ll find it under the Character Hierarchy tree from the upper right panel.

Open the Hierarchy Tree and follow :


...You must to find these extra bones :

  • AssBack

  • AssFront

  • IAss1

  • IAss2

  • rAss2

  • rAss1


...if you have these bones then the characters are ready. Return to the Modding page to follow the tutorials.

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