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Cyberomance Poses

Pose and Animation : you can find these in the Editor menu (F4) on the left side. The game currently contains 1000+ poses and anims. You can download these for free as dlc from this site.

There are two types of characters in the game. The Locomotion and the Rigged. The locomotion character is controlled by the animations and the rigged character is controlled by physics. Poses can be set for both, but the rigged character can only be animated with the control nodes.

Useful Guide

F - Focuses on the last character selected or used and jumps there with the camera.

R - Repeat last used Pose or Animation.

WASD - Any of these unlock the poses on the locomotion character and gives back controls

Gizmo - You can select the character in Spectator (F3) or Editor (F4) mode by mouse. If you click on the Locomotion character you will get a gizmo with which you can rotate and move on the X and Y axes. The Z axis adjusts the distance of the character from the ground, you can modify it in the High Heel setting in the Wardrobe or the Quick Menu.

Control Nodes - The Rigged characters can move parts of the body or the entire character while it is under physics. You can put in the poses you want and then you can move the position of the body parts to your liking.

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