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Unreal Engine

How to register yourself, download, start...

What is the Unreal Engine?


With Unreal Engine, you can bring amazing real-time experiences to life using the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool. Cyberomance also uses this engine. For the modding /Daz characters, clothes, hairs, props, maps/ it is enough to download this Unreal Engine and the Visual Studio + the Cyberomance modder unreal project from the patreon site.

How to Download

You must first visit the official Epic games / Unreal Engine website :

Scroll to the bottom of the unreal engine home page until you reach this : " Free download - includes every feature ! "

Here you choose the Get started for free !

On the next page you can choose from the license types. Select the CREATOR LICENSE here. It is completely free, no hidden charges, it does not ask for bank details or a card and it is free to use. Click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button.

The next step is to register for the Epic games, if you don't already have an Epic account. If you have, choose LOG IN NOW but if you don't have one, choose SIGN UP option.

If you have selected the SIGN UP option you will need to see this window. Most will definitely want to choose facebook or google login. But I suggest you to choose EPIC Games for several reasons but most importantly, Epic account logins are required for companies acquired by Epic, and a linked google or facebook account is not always allowed.

Such as the Quixel who make the Metahuman and Megascans. For example, if you log in to them with an Epic account, the full Megascan library is free and there is a live bridge plugin for Unreal Engine. But this was just one example of the benefits.

So i suggest you choose the Epic Games

...the next step is clear...

Sign Up. Fill in the fields and thick terms of service ( read/accept ).


If you follow these steps and finished your registration, log in to the site. Now you can download the Epic Launcher (upper right corner)

Epic GAMES launcher

Epic Games launcher not only contains games but also access your Unreal Engine and Unreal Engine Marketplace. Here you can manage your Unreal Engine versions, your Unreal Projects and your Unreal Marketplace assets library. There is a lot of free content available in the marketplace and a lot of promotion.

How to use

Launch your Epic Games Launcher.

  • in the right panel, select the unreal engine

  • select the Library in the top panel

Install a new version of the Unreal Engine

Click on the yellow + button. Select and Add Engine Version.

Important ! You must choose version 4.26

Note : the engine runs a Shader Compiler on first start-up, which can take a long time and it is eat a lot of GPU and CPU resource. 

Now if you have Unreal Engine 4.26 all you need is a Cyberomance mod kit unreal project and the Visual Studio 2019 or above. Follow the tutorials on the previous page (Modder Requirements page)

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