Definition : A romantic relationship taking place in a virtual reality environment...

"Oxford Lexico"

The word "Cyber-Romance" is originated in the early 90`s. There are many movies and books about the topic. Therefore today the meaning of the word has extended: it means romance with a machine or in a software in the virtual space.

A few well known iterations of the genre : Blade Runner, Her, Ex Machina, Humans, Weird Science or William Gibson`s masterpiece Neuromancer. One of the most famous cyberpunk novel .


What is Cyberomance?

Cyberomance is a VR and Desktop sandbox game/scene loader, that supports adult content. It supports Daz Genesis 8.1 /and below/ characters and uses the Unreal Engine, in order to create the most lifelike experience for the player. It is entirely moddable, therefore the only limit is the imagination of the content creators.








Its not just a simple scene loader, you also have the possibility to create new functions, and even your own mini-game. Our main goal is to let the users decide what they want to create. We constantly researching and implementing the newest, and most advanced Unreal Engine features. In order to give the player the most realistic virtual experience.

We also keep
adding new features on a daily basis, to set our program for the next generation UE5.    



You can play either in VR and in Desktop mode, therefore You don't necessarily need a VR headset in order to play. There's 3 different gameplay mode : First-person, Third-person and Spectator mode. All maps are completely free to roam, and filled with interactable props and characters.













You can possess and control any character in the scene, and also import new characters. All characters can be controlled by the physics engine, and can collide with it'self, and with the whole level. It has a unique locomotion system for male and female characters alike. Beside running they able to walk, sprint, crouch, jump, swim and climb. Also all the cars planes and boat are driveable.

If its still wouldn't be enough, in the Editor mode

You will be able to modify the whole map and

environment...also poses, animations,

materials, textures on both

characters and props can be edited at runtime.

Daz Characters

Besides the female and male characters there's a transgender one as well...S/he using the Genesis 8.1 female as a base, therefore you can fit all the female dresses, hairs and morphs.

can create not only basic humans, but toon anime and manga characters as well like fantasy and sci-fi creatures, or anything you can imagine.

Therefore we honestly hope everybody will find the perfect virtual character of their taste.


We already have a great

selection of props, maps,

clothes, hairs, morphs,

characters... which we

keep expanding on a daily

basis. Besides that you can

import your own

Daz Genesis 8.1 characters,

morphs and textures.

All characters are fully

customisable. You can

make new animations, poses and morphs, or just use the more than 2000+ morphs animations and poses already included as default.

All characters have changeable clothes, hairs and skins.



 - Can interact the environment.

 - Characters collide with everything.

 - Control characters with an IK

   control rig


  - Physics based animations.

 - Motion capture animations.


 - Alembic Cache animations.

Modders can use : C++ or Unreal Blueprint for anything, and Python for their asset pipeline.

Real time texture editing, and retexturing.

Realistic genitals.

- Groom Hair.

- Groom Hair runtime physics

   simulation and editor.

 - Content-sharing


 - Photorealistic characters


 - Totally interactive adult scenes.

Any character can be possessed,

   or controlled from outside.

- Game is not restricted to adult

   gaming or gaming use.

 - Any environment can be set up and interacted with very quickly.

VR and Desktop mode.

First-person, Third-person and Spectator play mode.

Edit Mode. Edit everything in the scene/map

 - Drive vehicles on the ground, in the water, in the air.


 - Import Daz Genesis 8.1 /and below/ Characters, Hairs, Clothes, Maps, Props...


 - Import Any 3D object and Character.

 - Photorealistic, Archviz and

   stylized maps.

 - Cloth Physics.
 - Online Multiplayer.

 - Modder Kit.

 - Create Assets.

 - Complete the remaining

    backend of the base game.

What we are currently working