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Modder Tools

Modder Toolkits, Modding Tutorials, Tips, Examples.......

Welcome !


This page is for showing you how to make mods for the Cyberomance from basics to advanced. The Modder Toolkits will also be constantly evolving in parallel with the game.

Note : some tutorials may seem long or complicated, but most descriptions only contain initial settings that only need to be done once. Once the DLC system is up and running, the mods can be imported with a few clicks and the DLC system is built on top of each other, there is not much difference between importing a map or a simple props. Please keep it mind for it.

Rules !

  • We do not create or support or allow any content that is considered illegal.

  • You must not share images, videos, or any content that could be considered illegal, strongly offensive, or immoral

  • If you are not sure, you can always ask the moderators.

  • if you found something that doesn't legal on the website or on the discord server, please report it to the moderators.

  • Do not post copyrighted and/or licensed material. Piracy will not be tolerated.

  • All of our DLC-s are licensed content and can only be used in the Cyberomance game.

  • You may only share content purchased from an online store if its license allows unlimited sharing and/or resale.

  • Content Creators are welcome and they are free to advertise their sites, patreon or private, as long as they comply with the Rules.


Before you start, it is important that you know !




This year /2022/, if Unreal Engine 5 is released, the game will be upgraded to it and we will no longer support the current Alpha and upcoming Beta versions. We don't know at this time what of the existing DLC-s will work under Unreal Engine 5. The maps will surely have to be repackaged due to the integration of Lumen and Nanite technologies, but it will probably be transferable without any problem. So whatever you created, keep it in Unreal file format/uasset/ as well, as you may need to repack it when we switch to Unreal Engine 5.


Modder Requirements

Modder requirements, Unreal Engine, Visual Studio, UE Modder Project downloads and tutorials


Cyberomance Create Mods

How to prepare you Daz and Unreal, create mods, useful tips, plugins...



How to add mod to Cyberomance. Characters, Clothes, Hairs, Maps, Props.....

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