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Modder Requirements

Modder Requirements, Softwares, Tools...How to download, install...

Cyberomance - MOD Creator requirements

You will need only two program/Unreal Engine 4.26 and Visual Studio/ if you want to import characters, props, hairs, clothes...We provide a step-by-step tutorials on how to download and operate them. All are free, but you may need to register yourself.

  • The first is the 4.26 Unreal Engine. This and the Visual Studio are enough for most DLC-s. Download from here :

  • The second is our Cyberomance Modder Kit unreal project. Download from here :

  • The third is the Visual Studio 2019 or above. You may not need it, it depends on your cpu and gpu. Download from here : VisualS.

Cyberomance - Third party Tutorials


Unreal Engine 4.26

How to :

Epic - Unreal Engine


Cyberomance Modkit

How to :

Nemesis Soft - Modkit


Visual Studio 2019

How to :

Microsoft - Visual Studio

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