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before you start importing poses and animations

Before you start importing poses and animations, do this in your Modkit project. You will need 2 reference models and a skeleton to re-target the poses.

  • Open your Daz studio and your Modkt project.

  • Add Genesis 8.1 Female character.

  • Delete eyelashes and tear.

  • Select, then open File / Send to / Daz to Unreal

  • Switch to your Modkit project.

  • Select Skeletal Mesh and right click on it.

  • Press Duplicate to create a copy.

  • Select the duplicated Skeletal Mesh then Right click on it.

  • Press Skeleton / Assign Skeleton

  • Select Genesis8FemaleSkeleton                   Path /DazToUnreal

  • Press Save All

You now have 2 reference characters. One with the Genesis8BaseSkeleton, with which imported poses will be compatible and another character with our Genesis8FemaleSkeleton which poses and animations need to be re-targeted.


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