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tutorial - Genesis 8.1 texture atlas

How to - Export Daz Genesis, Genesis 2, and Genesis 8 textures to the Genesis 8.1 Texture Atlas

Tutorial - Daz genesis 8.1 texture atlas Export


How to export your early Daz Genesis character textures from Daz Studio.

Before you start, download our Texture Atlas sample Daz scripts from here : Download Texture Atlas Daz Scripts (Mirror)

  • Add a Base Genesis 8.1 character.

  • Delete Eyelashes and Tears.

  • Load Any custom character material

Note : Just the materials


Select Surface tab on the bottom right panel and right click on it.

Open Map Transfer...

  • Click on the Load button.

  • Choose from our previously downloaded  (Mirror)Material Instance - Texture Atlas template

  • Now select all ( CTRL + A )

  • Specify where you want to save them ( Save Converted textures to )

  • Accept


Your textures are saved with Genesis 8.1 Material Atlas.

Open your Cyberomance Game.


Press F4 for the Editor Menu. Select your Character / Material texture panel on the texture browser and select one random texture on the left. Both open Material Textures panel on the right side.

Select Texture - set / add textures from the Texture Browser that are already in the game

Browse Texture - set / add textures from the windows


Return to the Modding page to follow the tutorials.

Select material instance ( example torso ) and then add the torso texture from the windows.

Note : Diffuse is the main color.


You can save it and load textures back from windows until you move them.

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