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tutorial - daz Props import

How to import your Daz Props into Cyberomance

Tutorial - Daz Props Export


How to export your Daz Props from Daz Studio

Before you start, make sure that in your Modkit project the RTX is turned on and the RHI is set to 12.: Tutorial

Open your Daz Studio and Modkit project.

Add all the props to the scene you want to export


Select a props in the Scene Hierarchy in the upper right corner.

Open - File / Send to / Daz to Unreal


Check Asset Name.

It should usually be Static Mesh.

Unthick Enable Morphs



Switch to your Modkit project.

Close Message Log

Press Save All

Create DLCSystem Content hierarchy.

DLCSystem Content / Props / General /

General / Props Main Folder /

Move your props folders from DazToUnreal folder to DLCSystem - Props Main Folder.

Important ! Always use Move, not copy


Select your Props Main folder.

Activate Static Mesh Filter.

Select all Static Mesh under your Props Main folder.

Move all selected Static Mesh from their own folder to the root of the Main Folder for the props you create.


Deactivate Static Mesh filter.

Activate Material Instance filter.

Select all Material Instance then run Python script :

Python Tutorials can be found here : Python Script

Press Save All.


Import Thumbnails.

Rename the Thumbnails to the names of the same props but using T_ prefix as well :  T_YourPropsName


Import Thumbnails to the Props Main Folder as well.

Rename the Thumbnails to the names of the same Folder but using T_ prefix as well :  T_YourMainFolderName

Press Save All.


Open your Static Meshes ( Double click on Them ) and set the collision on them.

Open the Window drop down menu and activate the Convex Decomposition. Now in the lower right corner you will find the Convex Decomposition panel.

It has three values, with which you can adjust the accuracy of the collision.

Note : The more complex Collision, more resourece it requires in the simulations.


You play with these three values until you get an acceptable collision

Save and close.

Props are Done


Open Window / Project Launcher. Launch the DLC package. When it is done, move the DLC .pak file from the Modkit DLC folder to the Game Paks folder.


Here is the path to the Modkit DLC .pak file.

Modkit project / Plugins / DLCSystem / Saved /

StageBuilds / WindowsNoEditor / Clean /

Plugins / DLCSystem / Content /

Paks / WindowsNoEditor.

You can rename your dlc.pak file.

Move it to your :

Game / Clean / Content / Paks folder.

Note : You can create your own folder structures under the Paks folder.

Open your Cyberomance and test your DLC.


Return to the Modding page to follow the tutorials.


Note : You can move your props in the scene with gizmo by mouse or animate with splines or attach it to your character or grab it with VR hands....

Press H to Hide/UnHide all nodes and gizmos in the scene.

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